1650 Sheppard Ave E

Preliminary report Planning application for: 1650 SHEPPARD AVENUE EAST

  • Send your objections in writing to the City Planner and City Councillor by email or 
    letter with a copy to the HFCIA President.
  • Ms. Kathryn Moore, Planner, Community Planning, Toronto City Hall,100 Queen 
    St. W., 12th fl. E., Toronto,ON M5H 2N2 email: kathryn.moore@toronto.ca
  • Ms. Shelley Carroll, Ward 33 City Councillor, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W., 
    Ste A4, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 email: councillor_carroll@toronto.ca
  • Mr. Namby Vithiananthan, President, HFCIA, 25 Parfield Drive, Toronto, ON M2J 
    1C1 email: president@henryfarm.ca