Quilt Repatriation



For the past 25 years, the Quilt was displayed at the Oriole Community Centre.  As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, the Quilt was brought back to Henry Farm.  It now resides permanently at Shaughnessy Public School.  To officially welcome the Quilt, a repatriation ceremony was held on June 5, 2012. It was well attended by quite a few Henry Farm residents, current and past, who remembered when the quilt was originally created and presented to our community for the 25th Anniversary..


Of the 23 original quilters, eight were able to join us to celebrate this momentous event.  They were Martin Wakim, Barbara Barbos, Sue Robertson, Rita Bruni, Marjorie Wilson, Margaret Heilig, Lois Bertram and Astrid Walther.  Suzanne MacLean and Margaret Goss sent their regrets.  Some of the quilters had not seen each other in 25 years and the occasion served as a wonderful reunion.  Thank you ladies for a piece of Henry Farm history that will live on forever in our hearts and minds!