Henry Farm 50th Anniversary Book

Life in the Farm (1962 - 2012)
The Henry Farm Commemorative Book will bring to life the richness and diversity of our community with highlights of our history and the development of the land, and stories about the people who have lived here and thrived during the past five decades.  Through pictures and words, we’ll cover the evolution of the school, church, community association and social activities.  We'll also shine a light on those random acts of kindness which have given our neighbourhood its particular brand of community. 
Ours is a community that keeps people here, attracts former residents back and continues to be a magnet for others, enriching the diversity of our neighbourhood.
Henry Farm is “The Place to Live.”
Our Book Committee is hard at work.  Please indicate your support by completing the form to help us gauge interest in this important project. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Shirley Paquette

Committee Chair, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book