Neighbourhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a simple code of conduct.
As members of the Henry Farm Community we all commit to a heightened level of observation and awareness of activities taking place in our immediate neighborhood as well as the broader community. We should all be on the lookout for activities, which deviate from the normal standards of safety and security,
and which impact us personally as well as any property we own.

There are three prime requisites to this code:

·        Know your Neighbors. (Those on either side of you; those across the street and those behind.)

·        Develop and build a trust with your neighbors.
·        Act on any unusual events or activities that might affect these neighbors by reporting your observations to your neighbors,
         and if it is of a serious nature, report it to the Police.
No matter if you live in a rented apartment, a townhouse, a condominium or a house, by exercising this kind of diligence we can all help to minimize the risk of crime within the Henry Farm.
On June 1st, 1982, the first Neighborhood Watch signs were installed at the Havenbrook Boulevard entrance to the Henry Farm.
This marked the inauguration of the first community in Metropolitan Toronto to pilot the Neighborhood Watch program.
Prior to this event, there had been an average of 3 break and enters per month in the Henry Farm Community.
In the 2 years following introduction of the program, this figure had fallen by 93%.
Current figures from 33 Division indicate we are among the safest communities in the City.
The program continues to be a valuable pipeline for maintaining safety and security within our community.
Please let me know if you are aware of a crime in the area. Make sure that your email address is on the Henry Farm distribution list.
Having a quick way to reach the community is very important to alert you to crime trends and what to watch out for.
Your email address will not be released to outside organizations and will be used only by for sharing our community's events.
As an annual celebration of our program, each year we celebrate Neighbors’ Night Out on the third Tuesday in June.
At this event, we have a street party on each street where the residents come together to welcome new neighbors and catch up with old friends after the winter.
We follow this up with 
a concert down at St. Matthew the Apostle Church. Approximately 400 people participate every year and it is a wonderful event.
Be sure to come this year.
Knowing your neighbors is an important part of building a safe community. If you are going to be away, inform your immediate neighbors
so that they can watch out for your home.
Over the years in our community vigilant neighbors have prevented crimes by being alert and aware of each other’s schedules.
To help keep our neighborhood safe, please visit the following web sites:

The Henry Farm Community remains a wonderful and safe place to live.
Let’s make sure we keep it that way for those who follow us.

For more information on neighbourhood watch, please contact:

Jim Kitchen                  416-496-0407