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Ice Rink

The Outdoor Ice Rink in Henry Farm

The Outdoor rink is located on the north baseball diamond (just west of the playground) at the Shaughnessy Public School playground. There is a light on the rink, which is on a timer that shuts off  at midnight. City Parks & Recreation Department will generally provide a bench so you can tie up your skates or rest during a grueling hockey game.  The rink is about 1/3 the size of a regular ice surface. The Rink is available for public use from Mid November to late March each year (start and day may vary based on weather)

The skating rink at Shaughnessy PS has been managed and maintained as a cooperative effort between your neighborhood volunteers and the school for several years. Please thank your neighbors who have pitched in over the years as the weather has not been terribly cooperative.

Recently the rink has been maintained by Bucky Stronach and Burke Sasaki with the help of Mike Wiley who has been a great supporter using the school snow blower when we really need it. We could always use help looking after the ice surface (either shoveling or flooding) as the more people involved the better the surface. “It’s amazing how many people find the ice surface when it’s in good shape and the more it’s used the better it gets.”
Bucky says, “I do this for 2 reasons: (1) because I love to see both young and not-so-young out there banging a puck around or just skating, and (2) it’s a good work out.”

If you can help us this year (even if only for a few times) please contact:

Daniel Stronach   (416) 495-9035,   Burke Sasaki  (416) 806-1551