The Henry Farm executive works with residents, city councillors, city officials as well as provincial and federal member's of parliament, in order to protect the interest of and help shape our community.

The executive plans and organizes many events as described in the events section. To do this, monthly meetings are held generally on the first Tuesday of each month.

Executive Team

The executive team is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting typically held in November. Here is the executive committee for 2016/2017

HFCIA Executive 2016-2017:
First row L to R: Namby Vithiananthan, 
Barbara McKay (no longer a member), Linda Ristevski, Joseph Ceneda, and Lisa Newland, 
Second row: Jonathan Mousley, Jim Kitchen, Cameron Ridler, Peter  Erwood, Annick Peron, Bill Hutchison, Bernard Assouad, and Steve O'Keefe
Thea Haller, Dunja Lackovic, and Wendy Petcoff
HFCIA Executive 2018-2019 Contact Information
Position Held By Phone E-Mail
President Namby Vithiananthan
416-499-6336 president@henryfarm.ca
Secretary Dunja Lackovic 416-498-6775 secretary@henryfarm.ca
Treasurer Jim Kitchen 416-496-0407 treasurer@henryfarm.ca
Advertising Coordinator
Steve O’Keefe 416-491-2140 advertising@henryfarm.ca
Social Activities Ahila Vithiananthan Please email. events@henryfarm.ca
Membership Chair
Ken Klinger 416-578-5365 membership@henryfarm.ca
Municipal Affairs Peter Erwood 416-493-8953 municipal@henryfarm.ca
Neighbourhood Watch/Police Liaison
Eileen Crichton 416-496-2081 nwatch@henryfarm.ca
Newsletter Distribution Barb Simpson 416-497-9619 newsletter@henryfarm.ca
Newsletter Editor Wendy Petcoff 416-485-4792 editor@henryfarm.ca
Web Master
Linda Ristevski 416-892-9737 admin@henryfarm.ca
Members-at-Large Joseph Ceneda

  Lisa Newland
 Thea Haller 416-493-9390 
  Jonathan Mousley 416-461-6726 
  Laura Norris 416-498-0854